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Top Things To Do In The Beautiful Perth Hills

Less than an hour’s drive from Perth, Perth Hills offers a lovely range of attractions and activities that

you can indulge in to make an excursion or weekend break all the more exciting and enjoyable. The

gorgeous landscape features rolling hills covered in forests, bushland, and creeks, interrupted by

several townships, residences, orchards, farmers' markets, art galleries, and much more.

It is an interesting mix of an outdoorsman's paradise blended with a creative haven. There are all

kinds of goings-on to try in this character locality that make it more than worth the visit. Here are

some of our top recommendations.

Hike the trails

There are tons of outdoor activities to enjoy in Perth Hills, with numerous trails you can hike in the

several parks that are accessible from here. This includes Lesmurdie Falls National Park, Gooseberry

Hill National Park, and Mundy Regional Park. The landscape features an abundance of bushland,

wildflowers, creeks, waterfalls, hiking trails, and viewpoints to discover.

You can explore on your own or join a tour group with an organised itinerary. Some parks also

accommodate mountain biking, camping, canoeing, and paddleboarding, so consider bringing along

your own gear or hire on site.

Visit the Botanical gardens

The Araluen Botanic Park is extensive, covering over 50 hectares of land and featuring 14 hectares of

well-developed gardens. It is a unique attraction where you can discover exotic plants from all

around the world thriving amid bushland settings. The gardens include several walking trails,

terraced areas, water features, and beautiful displays of flora and fauna to admire. If visiting in the

spring, you might be able to catch the beautiful displays of thousands of blooming tulips.

Besides the Tulip festival, the gardens are also often used to host events like music concerts, art

exhibitions, and other festivities. Check their online calendar to find out what event you might

expect to be ongoing during your visit.

Check out the museums

The region is also home to various significant Western Australia heritage sites. At the base of the

Mundaring Weir, you will find the Number 1 Pump Station building that has been restored by the

National Trust. This pump house was responsible for delivering much-needed water to the goldfields

and is considered one of the biggest engineering feats of its time. The Bert Tyler Vintage Machinery

Museum and History House Municipal Museum are also worth a visit to learn about the history of

the region and the industries that supported the communities.

Go wine tasting

Perth Hills is home to several wonderful vineyards and boutique wineries that offer wine tours. It is

the perfect picturesque setting in which to try wine tasting some remarkable vintages from such

established local winemakers as Myattsfield Vineyards, Cosham Wines, Plume Estate Vineyard,

Kenbrook Shiraz, Toon Vineyard & Winery, The Packing Shed, and Brookside Vineyard. For a taste of

some of the best and some award-wining ciders of the region, also consider a visit to the Carmel

Cider Co. and the Core Cider House.

Dining Out

Where there is great wine, there is also great food. Plan on dining out at any of Perth Hills' popular

cafes or restaurants that tend to make their food from the fresh locally grown produce. Several

wineries have their own onsite cafes or restaurants, or you can opt to try a more independent

establishment like the Seven Sins.

Overlooking the spectacular Darling Scarp in Roleystone Valley, this restaurant in Perth Hills has

earned a reputation for churning out delicious and generously portioned meals served alongside the

best local wines and craft beers. Their eclectic menu is inspired by the local produce and includes a

sizable variety of gluten-free dishes.

Discover local art

Perth Hills is home to a thriving art community with a mix of established and newcomer artisans

being residents. It has many galleries and studios across the region where you can find all kinds of

artworks on display and for sale, including photography, paintings, sculptures, textiles, and more.

There are also frequently held art events at different centres and galleries.

You can discover art exhibitions at such locations as the Zig Zag Gallery at the Kalamunda History

Village, the Armadale Urban Art Trail, and the Mundaring Arts Centre. Kalamunda hosts an artist’s

market with over 150 stalls on the first Saturday of the month. It is a great place to discover

newcomers and take home unique art pieces. You can also find other artisan wares on offer at other

markets like the Roleystone Markets and the Perth Hills Artisan Markets at Mundaring.

Pick some fruit

Many of the orchards in Perth Hills open their doors to the public, allowing visitors to pick their own

fruit. It is a great way to get back to nature and gain some appreciation for those that toil in the

fields to stock our grocery shelves. For just a small fee you can stock up on a wide variety of fruits

that are grown in the region, including pomegranates, apples, mangoes, oranges, lemons,

persimmons, cherries, and pears.

Some fruits are seasonal so you may not find all these options available at once. Check out such

orchards as S&R Orchard, Fruit Corner in Pickering Brook, Camel Cherry Farm, and Waterwheel

Persimmon Orchard. A fun activity to enjoy as a couple or with the kids.

Also make sure to visit the beautiful Raeburn orchard which becomes a sea of crimson depending on

the time of year. Apples from the orchard are used by the Roleystone Brewing Co. to make some of

the most delicious fresh cider around.

Tour the Perth Observatory

The 120-year old Perth Observatory provides some of the best unobstructed views of the night sky

that can make for a romantic night out for stargazing lovers, or a memorable experience for those

with a passion for science and astronomy. With the observatory offering night tours, it can be a

great way to end your day, learning about its contributions to the discovery of new planets and using

powerful telescopes to probe the far reaches of space.


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