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Local Suppliers

Now more than ever, we must source sustainable produce and support local. We are very fortunate to have amazing suppliers who will drop everything to delivery last minute if need be.

Our local meat supplier, Squiddlies Meats, has the top shelf produce from around our state. Delivering freshness and high quality straight to Seb and then to our consumers. Fruit and veg is sourced locally through our friends at Karra Fresh who have orchards in Karragullen. These are just 2 of the many locals we use, ranging from meat to honey.

It makes such a difference when you can see the products before being picked, and makes such a big difference to the end product that ends up on the plates of our customers. We take pride in knowing how fresh our ingredients are, and knowing how much they have enhanced the dining experience. At Seven Sins, we believe that quality ingredients mean quality meals.


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